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The mandibular subperiosteal implant denture: a prospective survival study.

Yanase RTBodine RLTom JFWhite SN.


Department of Restorative Dentistry, University of Southern California, School of Dentistry, Los Angeles.


Follow-up, maintenance, and treatment of complications of 81 mandibular subperiosteal implants placed at the University of Southern California Advanced Prosthodontic Clinic were recorded for periods up to 21 years. Few patients were lost to follow-up, but a significant number of patients died before termination of the study. A 10-year survival rate of 79% was calculated for 63 patients, and a 15-year survival rate of 60% was calculated for 34 patients. It was found that subperiosteal implants have a low long-term survival rate, and the rate of loss of subperiosteal implants increases over time without reaching a steady state. However, subperiosteal implant therapy did provide function for patients who otherwise could not use dentures.

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